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Broadcast Video Production

In 2016, Wisco Radio and Wisco Media Group became the exclusive broadcaster of the Stihl Timbersports Midwest Qualifier competition. Wisco Radio and Wisco Media Group handled all production aspects including show scheduling, videography, graphics production, television network interactions and live production switching and editing.

Video Streaming

In 2016, Wisco Radio began live video streaming all Mount Horeb athletic events online for consumers to view across the globe. Using our lightning fast streaming servers and cross platform management systems, our new live video stream can be reliably delivered on any computer or mobile device.

Radio Production

For over 5 years, Wisco Radio has been involved in countless radio broadcasts and events. From Mount Horeb Athletics to 5K Fundraising events, Wisco Radio has produced it all. We use state of the art broadcast equipment and production methods to make sure you receive the highest quality, most reliable broadcast.

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Where We Started

  •  When Blaine Bestul and partner, Cameron Craig entered high school in 2011, they noticed the lack of media coverage and attention that Mount Horeb athletics was receiving. With the combined knowledge of business and technology between Blaine and Cameron, this idea immediately grabbed their attention as a significant business opportunity. After months of work and coordination, Wisco Radio was born.
  • Wisco Radio broadcasted their first Mount Horeb basketball game which aired live on WiscoRadio.com and reached an impressive 7 listeners.
  • Wisco Radio broadcasting icons Joey Peterson and Nicholas "Cubby" Osterloo made their first on air debut as Wisco Radio's play-by-play and color commentary team.
  • Wisco Radio's broadcasting team began to include Mount Horeb/Barneveld Football coverage as regular scheduled programming on Wisco Radio.
  • Wisco Radio's broadcasting team increased coverage of additional Mount Horeb athletic events to include Girls basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and gymnastics
  • Wisco Radio and Wisco Media Group introduce live video streaming of all Mount Horeb/Barneveld football and Mount Horeb basketball events.
  • Wisco Radio and Wisco Media Group chopped down the competition and produced the first annual STIHL Timbersports lumberjack competition live. This competition featured events such as the Hot Saw, Standing Block Chop, and Springboard Chop.
  • Wisco Radio and Wisco Media Group did it again and produced the second annual STIHL Timbersports lumberjack competition. This broadcast aired live on both regional networks and national sporting networks.


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